The Crutch Table by H220430 Makes a Comment on Product Longevity

 - Dec 13, 2012
There was a time when most Westerners darned their socks, repaired their own roofs and fixed their possessions that had broken. The Crutch Table by h220430 recognizes this declining practice and encourages the consumer to think about the objects in his home.

The designer has literally replaced a leg of this dining table with common walking crutch. The furnishing has been finished in a thick coat of bright white paint to give it more of a polished and iconic appearance, rather than have it embodying the look of a hastily restored antique.

It is interesting that this whitewashing process also says something about the desirable freshness and flawlessness of the items that attract most modern people. To consider the Crutch Table by h220430, you might come to appreciate the quirky character of your old and well-worn furnishings.