The Cereal Killer Spoon by Aly Nickerson Adds Humour to Antique Items

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: etsy & thisiswhyimbroke
The Cereal Killer Spoon by Aly Nickerson adds a funny twist to a beautiful silver antique utensil. This product is perfect for cereal lovers and those who cannot go a morning without their daily bowl for breakfast.

This utensil is an ideal gift for breakfast enthusiasts, and those who need a little humour in the morning. Other stamps on the vintage spoons read: "ice cream spoon" and "calories don't count on this spoon."

Aly Nickerson is a treasure hunter who has found her passion in old, silver-plated utensils. After purchasing a vintage stamper, she began to add different heartfelt and humorous designs to them that people would enjoy. Nickerson's repurposed flatware makes these vintage spoons come alive, adding a modern touch to an antique item.