The Das Bergfest Collection Affords Flexible Interior Light Arrangement

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: designspotter & now.shelterholic
The concept of the light "fixture" suggests an anchored object. While most illuminators are generally kept in one place, ideally brightening the most appropriate areas and activities, the Das Bergfest Collection offers its user the flexibility of moving the light source around the room.

There are three pieces in the set by Simon Paul Sigvard Ulfstedt, all inspired by the forms of dangling cowbells. The first -- and perhaps most whimsical example in the Das Bergfest Collection -- is the floor lamp. It rises up as a vertical shaft with a pair of horizontal branches. Two pendant lamps are slung over the offshoots, along with great lengths of excess electrical cables. These enable you to draw the shaded lightbulbs towards a table or a chair nearby.