From Galactic Packaging to Celestial Designs

 - Apr 2, 2015
Sleek, futuristic, starry packaging is a great way for a brand to establish the product range as forward-thinking, cutting edge and most importantly, having a place in the consumer's future. From celestial-inspired cheese packaging with images of the Milky Way to olive oil bottles that look like something future generations will drink water from, there are endless ways to brand a product as packing galactic alignment.

With a continuing emphasis on portability and convenience, it's can be easy to see the resemblance between modern food packaging and the vacuum-sealed prepared food sent into space with NASA's astronauts. This need for on-the-go snacks has given way to streamlined designs that function anytime, anyplace.

With such a growing reliance on efficiency-ensuring products and services, the predisposition toward designs that emanate a feeling of pioneering innovation.