Lazy Snail's Beautiful Jar Encourages Cravings for Gourmet at Home

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Before I saw this elegant escargot packaging, I never considered being able to buy jars of snails at the grocery store. The brand Escargots Mediterranee, however, does supply high-quality mollusks to consumers so that these gourmet morsels can be enjoyed outside of fancy restaurants.

The designers at Lazy Snail were concerned within maintaining an upmarket image for the slimy delicacies, so the aesthetic scheme was to produce sophisticated-looking mason jars. Smooth silvery lids cap perfectly cylindrical bottles, and each of these has a refined label with little fuss. Small spiraling illustrations serve as artistic renderings of the epicurean contents, while serif typefaces communicate a civilized quality. Every item of elegant escargot packaging is finished with an artisan-esque tag on a piece of tied twine.