A Bow-Tie Wine Bottle Assumes a Suave Appearance and Grace in Balance

 - Mar 24, 2015
References: red-dot.sg & red-dot.sg
This bow-tie wine bottle is one of few examples of unconventionally shaped wine bottles. Most manufacturers are content to use the standard glass vessel, but one designer approached his project with a bit of flair. Largely looking regular, this packaging concept integrates a tiny necktie for appearances and practicality.

The dapper glass accessory brings an engaging formality to the Bow Tie Wine Bottles, and it's positioned so that you can still easily place a label beneath it. Interestingly, this fashionable feature isn't just meant to be seen––it goes to quiet use when you lay your alcohol down for storage. Zhang Jian's bow-tie wine bottle can prop itself steady on this molded knot, preventing it from rolling around and enabling to you more securely stack your cellar collection.