From Burger King Cologne to Living Lettuce Billboards

 - Dec 19, 2008
A Burger King Cologne released this week tops off the incredible cluster of peculiar junk food ads seen below. As previously mentioned, the Burger King Cologne is a Whopper-scented fragrance released as part of a new BK campaign, complete with a hilarious ‘sensual’ campaign.

What will happen to junkfood in the future? Will the recession bring people back to their own kitchens, hurting the junkfood industry, or will the cheap prices of greasy fries and mayo burgers entice consumers even more? In all likelihood, with the right marketing, junk food will become more popular than ever.

Let the scrumptious cluster below act as glorious menu of wonderfully delicious advertisements for junk food. Whether these campaigns repulse you or seduce your taste buds with desire, it’s undeniable that these visuals certainly stimulate the senses.

Let’s kick it off with Burger King Cologne…