McDonalds Uses Subliminal Advertising (or Do They?)

 - Jan 25, 2007
References: thatsfit
Subliminal advertising has been the butt of jokes since the days when people claimed cigarette ads were edited into films. You know it's a passe idea when Sprite launches a tragic "Sublymonal" ad campaign playing off of the idea. But could there really be any merit to these ideas? Many seem to think so. claims that the Golden Arches were edited into a frame of the Food Network's widely-known "Iron Chef" show, and provides the slo-mo evidence to boot. Network peeps claim it was a "technical error," and the sponsor logo was accidentally put into the wrong part of the segment.

Could it be? Are we being suckered into salivating over the 'Big Biz' burger guys? I'm not sure, but in the meantime, I'm off to fill my craving for two all beef patties, perhaps with some special sauce...