WiFi + 24/7 Drive Thru

 - Mar 15, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
McDonald's marketing team has been releasing very creative ads lately. I particularly like the minmalist and subtle aspects of their new ads. Take the 24/7 Drive Thru ad created by DDB Auckland ad agency, New Zealand for example. You have a car on the road at night with the front lights creatively reflecting the famous McDonalds yellow archs on the ground. A subtle and witty refrence to the fact that you can use the drive-thru 24/7. Another new ad to promote free WiFi at McDonald's by DDB Denmark advertising agency creatively uses McDonald's food packaging box as an open notebook with the customer's hands almost typing on it. A cool reminder that "Free WiFi now served at all resturants" so you can eat and surf the net for free at McDonalds. Keep it up McD!

Check out the witty McDonald's Individuals ad and minimalist coffee ad below: