Golden Arches Goes Chic

 - Aug 27, 2007   Updated: Apr 6 2011
References: nytimes
McDonalds chic? Spend 600 million euros ($828 million), redesigning 1,280 restaurants and you can make it happen. They have also introduced a healthier menu and cater to regional tastes with wine and caffè lattes. So, is this really even a McDonalds anymore?

Implications - When it comes to fast food restaurants, speed isn't the only thing that they have to worry about anymore. If they wish to keep attracting customers, they need to begin embracing the aesthetics that are becoming standard amongst big chains. People don't want to go to dull cookie-cutter fast food chains anymore. To keep them coming through the doors, these franchises need to start creating a more modern and chic environment that customers desire.