Teachers Rage Over Suggestive Ad

 - Sep 14, 2007
References: daveibsen.typepad
It seems Carl's Jr. has let their commercials get a little bit too saucy. Their latest ad feature a very attractive teacher who ends up unleashing her naughtier side. Many educators are offended by the sexy marketing and are making sure the company hears their concerns.

"The burger chain has been pushing the boundries of good taste (pun intended) for some time," Dave Ibsen posted on 5 Blogs Before Lunch. "But their most recent ads featuring a teacher who dances on her desk and touches her backside while rappers in the classroom talk about her 'flat buns' has apparently gone too far."

The US junkfood chain has found success in naughty advertising before, using everything from mechanical bulls to Paris Hilton's nearly-naked body and Hugh Hefner to sell burgers in the past.