Move Your Lederhos'n

 - Feb 4, 2008
If you've ever seen a better German viral than this one for McDonald's then please, send it to us at Trend Hunter!

The Huettengaudi is absolutely hilarious. The viral ad, which runs under the tagline "Move Your Lederhos'n," lets you upload your own photo so you can become an animated, dancing, Lederhosen-wearing German. After framing your face, the site lets you either select from the pre-made dance moves or choreograph your own, selecting from traditional German moves, hip-hip or disco motions.

The spots are meant to generate publicity for McDonald's Germany's new burgers, the Almburger and Big Roesti and the sides that accompany them, Farmkartoffeln (farm potatoes) and Kaesegipfel (deepfried brie with cranberry sauce.)

Those who choose to participate in Move Your Lederhos'n have a chance to become "Plaettler" of the week. Prizes include skis, snowboards, tobaggons and cell phones among other things.

Was McDonald's inspired by the Elf Yourself or Santa Swing virals?