- Apr 19, 2012
Bizarre shellfish concepts have been well-received by the public. Babies in full-piece lobster suits and women clad in sea shell dresses continue to attract attention, offering an eyeful and often times a good laugh. Submerged sea creatures have fascinated the minds of many for centuries, and many of these minds have spearheaded projects emulating the crustacean breed.

Shrimps, mussels, snails and oysters are only some of the hard-shell invertebrates featured in these shellfish concepts. These animals have become cherished by adults and children alike, in part spurring amorous depictions of pop culture characters like 'Marcel the Shell.'

These slug-shaped music hall designs and lobster-themed clothing lines have certainly brought what's under the sea to the shore, and the mainstream nature of these ventures indicates that much more remains to be seen.

Snail Shell Dresses and Crustacean Headgear: