The CrustaStun Lobster Taser Looks Like a Photocopier

 - Nov 25, 2009
References: crustastun & blog.makezine
The CrustaStun is a lobster taser. Why, you might ask, would one need a lobster taser? Well, it is supposedly a more humane way of killing delicious lobsters. Now that I think about it, throwing them in a large pot of boiling water and then securing the lid is a bit harsh--but then again, so is eating them.

British-based Inform Design & Development created the photocopier-like CrustaStun lobster taser. Made of stainless steel, the lobster taser delivers about 110 volts of electricity to the crustacean that is placed within-anesthetizing and then killing it within 5 seconds (crabs take 10).