- Jan 21, 2013
Lobster creations are taking the world by storm. This tasty sea creature can be enjoyed a variety of different ways. Whether you love to indulge in eating lobster for dinner or just admire the crustacean creatures there are products on the market for you.

There are tons of quirky items, such as lobster-themed costumes for children and adults, lobster accessories from jewelry to tech gadgets and lavish recipes out there. Why not try a $3,000 lobster curry or perhaps win a lobster at a wacky arcade game?

Due to their high price and difficult to attain, Lobsters have become somewhat of a status symbol. They make for a tasty meal and are the perfect image to adorn apparel and accessories. Lobster creations are becoming popular, so get in on the action and let your claws out.

From Crustacean Phone Covers to Lobster-Like Golf Bags: