Eccentric, Fishy and Avant-Garde Millinery Creations

 - Aug 31, 2009
References: philiptreacy
As it takes a certain amount of confidence for a woman to pull off an ordinary looking hat, imagine how bold one must be to parade around nonchalantly with a hat greatly reminiscent of an enormous lobster perched atop one’s head. Or, consequently, a hoard of violently green feathers whipped across one’s face as if caught in the midst of gale force wind.

Milner Philip Treacy succeeds in creating eccentric works of art, which would certainly not be out of place in a modern art museum, that are intended to be worn atop ones head. Traditionally donned as a fashion statement meant to keep away the sun and the rain, these avant-garde creations will definitely not protect against the force that is Mother Nature; they will, however, provide an arresting display of creativity that could inspire the most conservative of fashionista’s.

The classic question, "What is worse than lobsters on your piano?", usually garners the response of "crabs on your organs," but with the interesting designs of Philip Treacy, the more appropriate answer is "lobsters on your head."