The Coral Ark Will Help Reconstruct the World's Sea Fish Sanctuaries

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: & gizmodo
Because humanity has been so irresponsible in the past, its up to the current generation of marine biologists to maintain and regrow the world's diminishing coral reefs -- luckily, we've got the Coral Ark on our side!

Decades of overfishing and wanton disregard for sea life have led to the destruction of the world's most important habitat: the coral. And if we don't employ a solution, climate change will finish the job. With any luck, the Coral Ark project will stop things before they get too far. By embedding a massive rebar net onto the seafloor and passing a low, non-lethal charge through it, calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide naturally collect to form the same natural concrete that coral is made from. Partly due to its shade and physical protection, but chiefly because of the electro-current passing through it, all kinds of underwater wildlife wanders into the artificial reef.

Not only does the Coral Ark method return octopi, fish and crustaceans to their natural homes, it allows local fisherman to develop sustainable, scheduled fishing systems. In a clam shell, everyone wins!