The Futura 10 by Nathaniel Lucero is Far from Slow Moving

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: yankodesign
Marketers like to compare cars to animals, often making them resemble a ferocious beast to show off the car's powerful engine. However, the Futura 10 by Nathaniel Lucero looks like something less fast and slow-moving.

This futuristic vehicle appears like a snail, its curvaceous design looks like a sheltering shell. But in actuality, the Futura models itself after the Boxfish, which is a tropical marine fish that has its own shell of bony plates enclosing the body. Whatever it may look like, this tiny car is very modern in design and is discreet in power. This mini little auto may look cute and compact but has great structural strength and proven aerodynamics.

The Futura 10 by Nathaniel Lucero is an intriguing fishy concept that is super cool.