Ness Whisky Packaging Uses Subtle Graphics to Suggest a Mythical Scene

 - Nov 12, 2011
References: puigdemontroca & thedieline
Very little illustrative detail is necessary to intelligibly represent an object. This fun fact is proven on Ness Whisky packaging which invites the viewer to use his imagination in deciphering the simplified logo.

Puigdemont Roca strove to reinvent the alcohol brand's image while retaining a subtle sense of visual familiarity. The creative team chose to clearly depict the sinuous form of the Loch Ness Monster as she snakes along the surface of the lake.

But the eyes have to make that assumption since the only ink in the graphic on Ness Whisky packaging is the yellow silhouette of Nessie herself, cut horizontally by the suggestion of a wave-like line as a plain white beneath. The mind's creative power can give the simple sea creature her finer features making it an alluring product compared to its competitors.