From Megan Fox and Rihanna Ads to Lethal Leather Looks

 - Nov 5, 2011
Giorgio Armani is a 77-year-old fashion designer who truly epitomizes the idea of Italian glamor. He started his label in 1975 and by 2001, he was named the most successful designer to ever come out of Italy.

It’s no wonder that he achieved that title. After all, Mr. Armani is known for his simple, clean lines and exquisite tailoring. No matter what trends may come and go in the fickle world of fashion, Armani designs have never gone out of style.

Giorgio Armani is a true pioneer and has been the first to do many things in the fashion industry. For instance, he was the first designer to ban models with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of lower than 18 from his runway, after model Ana Carolina Reston starved herself to death. He was also the first to broadcast his haute couture collection live on the Internet on January 24th, 2007.

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