The Marc Jacobs Industrie Magazine Editorial Ends a Debate

This Marc Jacobs Industrie Magazine spread features Marc Jacobs wearing Prada in his own closet.

This haute editorial is a response to the recent debate between fashion gurus started by Giorgio Armani towards the latest Prada collection: should fashion be more wearable or are runway collections only to be part of the communication mix? While Armani stands for the first option, Marc Jacobs clearly shows his support for the constant boundary-breaking Prada brand. Photographed by Manuela Pavesi, the Marc Jacobs Industrie Magazine editorials makes a statement.

The article also includes the official "coming out" of Jacobs as a Miuccia Maniac. Ultimately, it's great to see two top designers showing love for one another in an industry as competitive as fashion. Check out some photos from the Marc Jacobs Industrie Magazine editorial here.