A Collection of Revolutionary Social Network Breakthroughs

 - Feb 28, 2011
The story of the 21st century is the story of online social networking, and this collection of social media innovations is a fascinating look at how the world’s fastest growing phenomenon is rapidly changing the face of business, pop culture and day-to-day human interaction.

With over 500 million people around the world now using Facebook and with businesses flocking to utilities like Twitter to interact with their customers, the age of social media innovations has given way to some surprising new products and services. From facilitating protests and civil disobedience, to allowing consumers to play a bigger role in determining the paths of their favorite companies and products, online communities afford users an unparalleled number of ways to shape the world around them while also sharing their experiences with their peers. And as consumers flock to social media platforms, so too must businesses scramble to follow them.

Indeed when it comes to social media innovations, the future is undoubtedly an adapt-or-die situation.