Juan Zelada Uses Twitter Confessions to Inspire Music

 - Oct 29, 2010
References: juanzelada
Twitter confessions are inspiring music via the #IConfess hashtag used on the popular social network. '#IConfess' is a song inspired by, and written based on, the Twitter confessions of people from across the world, submitted to the artist Juan Zelada.

Within weeks of asking people on Twitter and Facebook to submit their confessions using the hashtag #IConfess, Zelada derived enough material from which to write the song. This experimental music has taken social networking inspirations to a whole new level.

As a song comprised entirely of other people's words, it breaks the boundaries of standard songwriting concepts. The #IConfess song from Juan Zelada continues from his previous songwriting experiment in Spain with the Twitter trend #YoConfieso, only this time he is engaging his audience from the outset of the project.