From Tweeting Sports Shoes to Online-Inspired Gowns

In this tech-savvy world, these social media-inspired styles demonstrate the tip of the iceberg on just how integrated online socialization has become a part of one's everyday life. There is a growing desire to have everything from status update t-shirts to tweeting sport shoes, so that other people will know what users are thinking at all times in both the physical and digital worlds.

Social media-inspired wardrobes are totally in vogue as fashionistas and fashionistos rock anything from Internet timepieces to Facebook-inspired cuff links to show off just how well connected they are in the online world. Soon programmable hi-tech tees will become a ubiquitous fashion piece allowing for truly customizable clothing. Even celebrities have jumped on the social media bandwagon influenced to wear the user-generated content of fans. An example of this is Imogen Heap’s Grammy Awards Twitter dress that featured a live Twitter feed displaying messages sent from fans to the singer.

These stylish social media-inspired styles provide some inspiration to future fashion designers looking to incorporate digital love into their latest threads.