Lumen Bigott's Social Media Shoes Bring Your Laptop Love to the Streets

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: flickr & walyou
So long as you own a smartphone, you don't need to leave your online life at home. Nevertheless, for those wishing to publicly broadcast their enthusiasm for social networking to the physical world, wearing Lumen Bigott's Social Media Shoes is the first step.

These are six different designs for the beloved Keds brand of sneakers. Of course, instead of being stitched from monochromatic material, the creative has introduced new patterns, graphics and an increased color palette to make kicks which mimic website logos.

The red, blue, yellow and green Google gamma has inspired an iconic pair of search engine sneakers. Facebook and Twitter shoes sport fitting shades of blue and symbols easily recognized by avid users. Lumen Bigott's Social Media Shoes also include a pair of Wikipedia kicks, Flickr footwear and YouTube lace-ups.