'Assembly' by Lorea Sinclaire Uses Bodily Gestures to Interact with Mobiles

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: fashioningtech & designbuzz
'Assembly' by Lorea Sinclaire is the latest thing in wearable tech. This research project by the Emily Carr University student explores the use of bodily gestures in the control of mobile phones. It uses BUI (Body User Interface) to control functions such as calling your friend or providing your location.

Comprising a coat made with an interwoven mechanism of electronic modules, 'Assembly' by Lorea Sinclaire rests on certain actions that act as signals. For instance, buttoning the coat sends out a signal of your location, says FashioningTech, while you can call a friend by simply stroking the coat's hemline. In case of emergencies, all you have to do is hug yourself and swipe your arms to call for help. The modules are removable, meaning the garment can be washed without damaging the circuits.