Sexy Nerd Girl is a Fascinating Interactive Social Media Narrative

 - Feb 9, 2011
References: sexynerdgirl
If you’re a frequent user of social media you’ve probably come across a video blog before, but without a doubt you’ve never seen one half as intriguing, hilarious, or interactive as Sexy Nerd Girl.

Starring the incredibly gorgeous and entertaining Hannah Spear as Valerie Lapomme (the apple?) and with a team of writers made of up some of Canada’s best and brightest comedians and performers, Sexy Nerd Girl is one of the first brave pioneers to explore the uncharted realm of social media storytelling. Best of all, fans of Sexy Nerd Girl can help shape the course of her story by interacting with the online personality in a number of different ways.

Through an engaging and interactive multi-media narrative series that spans across a myriad of different online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Sexy Nerd Girl is well on the way to becoming a majorly viral internet sensation.