From Book Igloos to Boldly Bizarre Bookshelves

 - Aug 31, 2011
Figuring out how to jazz up a boring decoration scheme is something that many people ponder, but with funky shelving solutions like these around there's no reason not to have fun decorating your space. Each of these shelving solutions are really cool to look at and pack a practical storage punch!

For those looking to decorate a child's room, there are a ton of fun animal shapes like beary animal shelving, which can get them excited about reading. If you're looking to put some funky flair into a more adult space, there are certainly an abundance of shelving solutions that incorporate cool designs without being too kitschy. Whatever your storage needs are, this abundance of shelving solutions is like a dynamite decor lifeline.

Implications - For many consumers, city-living means they have to give up much of the space they would otherwise be granted in rural areas. With such, there exists a very prominent opportunity for companies to create storage and space solutions that allow consumers to live harmoniously even in the most cramped of city quarters.