The Scatter Shelf by Nendo is Awesomely Confusing

 - Aug 30, 2011
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If you've been thinking about switching up your home decor and are looking for something unique and modern, look no further than the Scatter Shelf by Nendo. The shelf is made of 5mm black acrylic shelves arranged in a grid form, stacked in three layers and somewhat displaced, resulting in a super-sturdy shelving unit that also looks incredible.

When viewed from the front, the objects placed on the Scatter Shelf by Nendo appear to be caught in a tangled web rather than being simply placed on a shelf. What's more is that, according to the Nendo website, "When viewed on an angle, the glossy acrylic face creates a series of reflections within the shelves, making the ‘opaque’ acrylic appear to be transparent."

The reflections of the shelves also make whatever or whoever happens to be behind the unit appear scattered and shattered. If this doesn't scream modern and mind-blowing, then I don't know what does.