Sanserif Creatius's Habla Shelving System Creates Dialogue in Your Home

Clearly the Habla shelving system is inspired by speech bubbles used in comic strips and graphic novels. Casual and playful, it offers a unique furniture piece for quirky individuals who appreciate not taking things too seriously.

Designed by Ana Yago of Valencian design firm Sanserif Creatius, the Habla shelving system not only encourages and even facilitates conversation between people; it also creates an interesting dialogue between furniture, decor and other existing possessions. As the designer puts it, "Habla provides us with information on the space where it is located, on who lives there, underscoring an element or a series of them." More than that, anything that is placed on it takes on the value of a message.

The Habla shelving system can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on individual preferences.