The Xv Shelving System

 - Mar 28, 2007
References: seed-international & designcrack
The Xv Shelving System by SEED International is ingenious modular furniture. The system requires no tools to assemble. There is only one slotted shelf module and three joint shapes which are “X”, “V”, and “T”. That's it. And what can you make from just four parts? Just about any shape of size shelf that you want. This would be the perfect system for a growing family on the go. If you need to move, the system breaks down and assembles with ease and can be packed up into an extremely small space for transport. If you've bought a lot of books lately, just buy more pieces to the system and add on as you wish. The only flaws I would find with this system are: One, how are you going to put a TV or stereo on this thing? The designer's should consider a simple piece for when people want to store something parallel to the ground. Two, if you find just the perfect form, and then you have to move, you'll never get the piece back to its original configuration. Still, I want this now. Where the heck do I get Xv?