Succession Shelves by Fredrik Farg Offer a Soft Interior Style

 - Apr 7, 2011
References: fredrikfarg & mocoloco
Are you accident prone, or perhaps just a bit clumsy? If you are, you'll appreciate these Succession Shelves by Fredrik Farg. Part art and part practical furniture, these plushy pieces have an unexpected third agenda to soften hard corners with a cushioned coating.

Referred to by the designer as "the family that I didn't know I had," this selection of standing storage systems really does escape from the insentient realm of everyday furnishings. Existing as animated objects with four legs and organic forms, these three shelving units are sure to grab attention in a room. Rivaling the comfy comportment of your leather couch, the Succession Shelves by Fredrik Farg redefine the norm of rectilinear ledges. If you like these, you'll enjoy the stools and seats that match this set.