From Seductive Wooden Stools to Chunky Knitted Stools

 - Dec 9, 2011
From all the different kinds of furniture pieces available in the market, sassy stools are probably the most fun because of their simply shape and multiple uses. These generally cube-shaped objects decorate spaces where otherwise big and chunky furniture wouldn't fit. They come in a variety of heights, but their design is usually based on the same form.

Most stools have four legs and are commonly found in bars or places with high tables and tight spaces. However, contemporary designers found a way to spice up their designs in order to incorporate them in homes and offices. Made from a variety of materials like wood, metal and plastic, these stools sports chic prints, patterns and shapes, making them ideal for sophisticate lounges and other areas.

Although these pieces lack a backrest, making them a unconformable for long seating period, they still provide a good place to chill and relax while having a fantastic drink or conversation. Make sure to check out these sassy stools for ideas on how to decorate rooms.