The Limited Edition 'Gold Plopps' Stools are a Treat for Your Tush

 - Apr 12, 2010   Updated: Jul 12 2011
These limited edition of Gold Plopps stools were prepared for the Milan Fair in 2010 and you can see them at Triennale di Milano this spring.

PLOPP is designed by Polish Oskar Zieta in his studio Zieta Prozessdesign, a young Polish-Swiss company specializing in innovative technologies applied in design.

The stools use FIDU technology, a process where objects come from laser cut steel that are then joined and blown-up with air.

Implications - Furniture is one of many examples of products that are required to balance functionality and style to excite consumers. The vast majority of consumers use these products for their intended purpose, but also as a reflection of their identities and personal styles. Artists capitalize on this desire as it is a chance to expand into different art forms and sell work that is both reflective of their talent and targets consumers.