From Chunky Fringed Scarves to Fringed Frocks

 - Jan 6, 2013
With the Bohemian aesthetic and native looks being resurrected as of late, this list of fabulous fringe fashion finds is relevant and will inspire your style.

Are you looking to spice up a boring or lackluster wardrobe? Fringe fashions are here to save the day. Fringe can now be found adorned on just about any article of clothing or accessory. You can purchase vintage fringed pieces or contemporary mass produced fringed gems. You can decide between a classic brown suede version or a modern metallic shredded look. There are jackets, shoes, sunglasses, shirts, pants, leggings and dresses dedicated to fringe available. You can pick up a fringe bag to add a textural element to your outfit or dress up in a fringe frock for a hippy vibe.

This list of fringe fashion finds will help you to compose your own taste of Bohemia.