From Flamboynat Fitted Hats to Native-Chic Chains

 - Oct 22, 2012
Adding a bit of flair to one's shoes, jewelry and scarves is easy when choosing from an assortment of fringed accessories. Adding a bit of extra gumption to each step as the long tassels sway back and forth is a flirtatious way to get everyone's eyes staring at you. An assortment of vibrant tasseled purses and haute horseback fringes make it possible for fringe to be accessible to every body part.

The obsession of fringe extends from summer runways and has become a staple of fall wardrobes as it works its way onto dark canvases and heavier material. Accessorizing your wardrobe with fringe pieces can be simple and is great for a lack of commitment when it comes to not wanting to stick with the trend itself.