The Azzaro Lagon Sandals will Light Up Any Walkway

Azzaro Lagon Sandals are the definition of fancy footwear. Crafted by the French luxury fashion label Azzaro, this latest shoe uses a shimmery metal fringe to make these stilettos pop. Every movement in these heels catches the light, making the heels resemble an extravagant chandelier. These sandals will definitely capture the attention and steal the hearts of any shoe-loving fashionistas.

The Lagon Sandal is crafted using steel metal fringes and calf leather alongside crystal embroideries. The heels are perfect for giving a hint of glamor to a more classic look or complimenting a rocker-chic ensemble. Each step in these heels creates a glimmering expression turning every path into a runway.

These extravagant sandals will set back the buyer approximately 2650 €. A steep purchase perhaps, but these slinky stilettos will surely light up a room.