From Upscale Fast Food Mugs to Sweet Hazlenut Rhythm Blasters

 - Nov 26, 2014
While it seems like there are some brands that can get away with applying an iconic logo to just about anything, some of the most unexpected brand products end up being genius and others leave you scratching your head in confusion.

Rather than relating in some way to the main product or service that a brand promotes, creations like Nutella's Bluetooth speaker, IKEA's beer, KFC's line of chicken-fried accessories (for wearing, not eating) and McDonald's introducing an upscale line of dishware in France are all great examples of unexpected products that have seemingly come out of nowhere.

While these branded items may seem peculiar at first, usually there's a way that they tie in with the brand's core message. For example, the Tiffany & Co. Central Park Wine Carrier has absolutely nothing to do with jewelry, but it does reinforce enjoyment of the finer things in life.