Montis TOR Tables are Intended to be Toted About the Room

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: lambievanhengel & dezeen
Any room that's used by people on a frequent basis will inevitably undergo a constantly shifting arrangement of furniture, so many pieces might as well be made like true movables so to allow users to reorganize spaces regularly as they see fit.

These Montis TOR Tables take this concept to their core as lightweight elevated surfaces that can be relocated from couch to corner to armchair with a simple lift and placement. Lambie & Van Hengel designed the clever stools with sufficiently large handles built into their tops.

The assembly of the furnishings is quite visually appealing in the way that two opposite legs of the stand seem to push through the surface and connect to form the handgrip above. The Montis TOR Tables come in a selection of charming pastel colors and incorporate slightly raised rims to keep items from toppling off.