The Lounge Stool Doubles as a Dinner Tray and Side Table

Designer Wan Xuan Lim's Lounge Stool may be the most versatile stool ever. The Lounge Stool is a stool made up of two components, a back and a base, that is also designed to function as a serving tray and side table.

The backrest of the Lounge Stool can be removed from the chair and function as a standalone serving tray. The tray can also be set atop the base of the stool to turn it into a side table. Multifunctional furniture like this is not too common now, but I wouldn't be surprised if one day stool/chairs/tables became as ubiquitous as sofa beds. People are living on tighter budgets and in smaller spaces; these factors are driving up the demand for compact furniture that can perform more than one function like the Lounge Stool.