Scroll Bookshelf Adds an Adventurous Ancient Element for the Bookworm

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: yankodesign
As a bookworm, I've really grown to like the Scroll Bookshelf designed by Xin-Hung Lin, Pei-Yi Chiu, Chia-Rung Shu and Wung-Bing Lin.

Think of the Scroll Bookshelf as a modernized manuscript -- but with a designer's touch. The unit opens up revealing a sturdy plastic sleeve that provides traction for your books. The two end rolls hold the books in place for extra security. What's really neat about this little shelf is that the ends can actually open up if you want to store pens or any miniature object that you don't want people to find.

The Scroll Bookshelf is a clever piece that compliments the modern home beautifully. Bookworms will have no problem enjoying this practical, multi-functional design that will hold all their favorite classics in style.