- Sep 28, 2017
Included in these September 2017 fashion trends are a variety of useful accessories, modern jewelry collections, luxurious designer wear, and much more.

One of the most unconventional innovations that's featured are the haute couture wetsuits that were designed by Thom Browne. Though totally functional in the water, the wetsuits look like incredibly form-fitting business suits, complete with faux lapels, pockets, and a tie. Due to this, the wetsuits make for a unique piece that's meant to be worn by scuba divers who are looking to make a statement on the water.

Also interesting is the 'Happy Napping' collection, which was designed by Jisue Park. The collection is made up of various garments and accessories that help wearers, or their partners, get some sleep wherever they go. An example is the ultra-comfortable sweatshirt, which has padded donuts on the shoulders and chest of it to give another person a pillow to rest their head on.

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