- May 30, 2012
Judging by the popularity of parkas and wellies, rain gear is never the most fashionable option, but with so many different models and possibilities, one of these problem-solving umbrella choices will suit your fancy while getting the job done.

Parasols used to be the most simple of tools -- the kind that were only innovated to better serve their functionality. Now, they are being upscaled to make them better additions to one's outfit (designer denim parasol designs, anyone?) or to have alternate functions hidden within them (like light saber handles). Similar to the different app features smartphones now have have, umbrellas are being packed with all sorts of quirks and capabilities.

I'm not sure when I'll ever need a water purifying umbrella, but at least there is something for everyone!

From Piped Parasol Racks to Squirt Gun Parasols: