Umbrella Photo Browser

The Pileus System is an umbrella with a projector and a little wireless computer so you can browse through photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, etc.

"The Pileus System is a mobile tangible browser to make rainy days fun. The system is constructed by the Pileus Umbrella and the Pileus WebService. User can see and take a photo and video with the PileusUmbrella. User can hand on own experience in rainy day to next user with an umbrella type photoset. User Connects the Grip with the Screen, then the Grip reads the Screen's ID and login to own Pileus Account. When user takes photos or videos, Pileus WebService evaluates media-type of data and uploads it to Flickr or YouTube, and then set a tag by screen ID. In addition, user twists the grip, it searchs contents at Flickr and YouTube by tag of screen ID, and displays contents in order." - Pileus