The Loris & Livia Umbrella Stand Has an Endearing Industrial Appeal

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: lorisetlivia
The practice of using found industrial materials to form furnishings and other domestic items can easily create eyesores that simply don't suit homey spaces. But there's something about the way that the Loris & Livia Umbrella Stand has been made that would allow it to fit in with a range of interior designs.

Simple and clean are probably the keywords that best apply, and qualities that really enable any object to complement its environment. This particular piece is composed of just two types of components including, quite minimally, two dozen aluminum tubes and a pair of securing straps. The polished look of the monochromatic cylinders works neatly with the black belts, eliminating any thought that the heavy-duty materials of the Loris & Livia Umbrella Stand might seem too informal for a cozy home.