From Bagged Booze Branding to Instant Java Pouches

 - Jun 7, 2013
Packaging has never been as interesting or as innovative as it is today, and pouch packaging is a way in which leading brands are setting themselves apart from the competition.

Pouch packaging lends itself to not only innovative, eco-friendly materials, but eye-catching design that's striking to consumers. Whether for a toy or for a food product, interpretations of this packaging form can be adapted for the needs of each good. Compact, and easy to access, pouches have a user-friendly design.

Cardboard, Tetra and plastic are all types of materials that have been adopted for this packaging, speaking to how versatile this design can be. Color customization and carefully chosen embellishments can take these packages to the next level, and more closely align the aesthetic of a pouch to the brand it's associated with.