- Dec 17, 2011
Bright and bold colors attract the attention of consumers; however, pastel packages can also do the trick. Soft hues stand out in the market as they project the idea of being fresh and natural: two characteristics that consumers are looking more and more to incorporate in their lives. Also, pastels relate to babies, which once again ties with the idea of the product being organic and pure.

Colors like baby blue, soft pink, canary yellow, light green and violet are some of the most favorite tonalities used for packaging. From bottles to labels, these soft-hued packages are calming and attractive. For hair and body products, light colors give out the image of being gentle with the skin and environment. For food articles, especially pastries and candy, pastels seem to enrich the sweet flavor, in addition to make them look cute.

Pastel packages are no longer for only babies, as they are becoming more and more trendy in the market. For a source of inspiration, check out these pretty pastel packages.

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