Otarian Packaging Addresses the Restaurant's Eco-Friendly Interest

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: pearlfisher & packagingoftheworld
It's difficult to even ballpark an individual's ecological footprint, so it's surprising and refreshing to see Otarian packaging clearly laying out the carbon footprint of your lunch. Granted, the cafe's meals were made with much less of a negative environmental impact than most, but the incorporation of this morsel of consumerist insight might be enough to have the public living more eco-consciously.

The new vegetarian restaurant chain is set to hit London and New York, appealing to those with an appreciation for healthy food and a soft spot for the planet. In order to communicate the two main assets of the brand, the Pearlfisher studio chose a clean and coherent but colorful face for Otarian packaging and branding, which has the potential to entice the taste of a broader consumer base.