From Charitable Conscience Campaigns to Bearded Botas Kicks

 - May 23, 2012
The most prominent One for One business is TOMS -- you've probably seen the thin cloth shoe on many a teenaged girl's feet. However, what you probably are not aware is that there are an entire slew of 'buy one, give one' businesses delivering products ranging from soaps to toothbrushes to bicycles.

There is no mistake that companies are trying to do more to give back the traditional 'x percentage' of sales to a charitable cause. There are even companies that go as far as to donate three products with the a single sale. It is interesting to see how far corporations will go to prove that they truly care about less fortunate communities, or what different methods of philanthropy they may engage in.

Though the buy one, give one campaigns are efficient in that they can satisfy needs in the West and in the Majority World at the same time, it is imperative that the product is relevant, as a need that is present in Canada (say a toaster) is not highly prioritized elsewhere (say in Uganda).