Project Living Well Gets You to Serve Locally, Give Water Globally

 - Nov 25, 2011
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Project Living Well is a social enterprise that allows people to give back to their own community, provide clean drinking water in the developing world, and get a unique branded product while they're at it -- like a Calabash.

"Each time you see someone wearing a Project: Living Well branded product, it means they have committed to helping one person in need. It could be as simple as a smile or as world changing as a trip to Africa," the company explains.

Prior to purchasing a product from the PLW site, customers get the opportunity to engage directly with someone in need in their community. They're asked to make a pledge, which can range from assisting an elderly person, to helping a family in need on a holiday, or taking a homeless person for lunch. In addition, purchases help fund wells and water filters -- Project Living Well's ambitious vision is to be able to offer clean drinking water to a million people.

Project Living Well launched on a few weeks ago, but was kicked off the crowd-funding network for being "too charitable." Not letting anything stop them from bringing their dream to life, the team is planning a December 1st relaunch.

We had a chance to speak with Project Living Well's Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Matt Johnson who gave us insight into their vision and shared their mantra: "That something life-changing can happen when we step outside of our comfort zones to engage with those in need."

When it launches next month, Project Living Well will be "targeting teens to 30-somethings who are looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves," he says, a demographic that has already been responsive to the project, particularly in schools and universities.

Prior to Project Living Well, each team member had experienced a moment where they were able to make a difference. For Matthew that moment came on a visit to an orphanage in Latin America while he was still working in the wealth management industry. The experience completely shifted his focus and sparked the motivation to give back.

Through Project Living Well, the team gets to give others the opportunity to engage to make a positive difference in the world too, both by serving at the local level, and by having a life-changing impact internationally. The social entrepreneurs are currently working on raising $200,000 to launch officially and start making an impact, to hire a passionate and skilled team, and to expand their 10x10 office space.

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